Kobe City


Kobe City is the capital city of Hyogo Prefecture located in southern side of Honsyu: main island of Japan next to Kyoto and Osaka. Hyogo has city life, bay and ski resort and easy access to Japan's famous tourist locations.

                              20 minutes to Osaka
                              50 minutes to Kyoto
​                              60 minutes to Himeji
                              90 minutes to Nara

Himeji Castle

最高気温( °C)9.09.612.818.723.226.630.031.828.522.717.311.9
平均気温( °C)
最低気温( °C)

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About the School:

The school cater the students to explore and experience Japan's rich culture. The school has reputation and recognized as a peperior school  from the Japanese Immigration Office. It has easy access to public transportations and you can receive high quality Japanese lessons while you enjoy various kinds of foods to seasonal seneries of Internationla city of Kobe.

Studetns are coming to study Japanese from all over the world.
China, Thai, Vietnam, Korea, Mongol, Taiwan, Nepal, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Latvia, Australia, Belarus,Italy, Russia, Uzbekistan, Myanmar, Banguladesh, Islael

Class Size: 10 to 20 students
Choose either Morning or Afternoon
Morning Class: 9:00 - 12:20
                              Elective Class: 12:25 - 13:15
                              Afternoon Class: 13:20 - 16:40
                              Elective Classes:
                               ● JLPT Exam Preparation
         ● Entrance to Japanese University Preparation
         ● Writing Academin Research Plan
         ● Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics
         ● English (TOEIC/ Conversation)
         ● Japanese Essay Writing
         ● Japanese Conversation