Japanese Cultural Exploration Program 

BJLC SCHOOL delivers high quality Japanese cultural exploration program where students are given the opportunity to have hands on experience in different cultural topics interacting with Japanese people and learning from masters or highly skilled presenter of each Japanese culture.

Our programs are aligned with the Australian National Curriculum, delivering lessons across a broad range of topics including language and culture in action, stimulating creative thinking, self-awareness, self-regulation, resilience, value system, physical wellbeing, respecting people and nature etc.

Through carefully combined topics, students experience and learn the value and way of Japanese people and culture, how people in different culture view the world and society, and  regulate themselves to harmonize within themselves, with society and in the environment.

Image by Benjamin Dehant
Origami Bird

Sado Workshop

Shodo Workshop

Kimono Workshop

Ikebana Workshop

Origami Workshop

Yosakoi Dance


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