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AIKIDO あいきどう  合気道

Aikido・あいきどう・ 合気道 is the peaceful form of Japanese martial arts.

Ai means to match. Ki means spirit & Do means the way. It teaches you spiritual preparation for life along with physical training.


The other week, one of our teachers went to help to celebrate the longtime service in the community of John Hurley Sensei from the Fortitude Valley Aikido dojo with the Commemorative Tea Ceremony demonstrated by White Sensei from Hakuun-an.


If you are interested in to learn Aikido in Brisbane, please contact Fortitude Valley Aikido dojo


If you are interested in to learn Japanese tea in Brisbane, please contact Hakuun-an


If you want to experience glance of Japanese culture and learn the Japanese language, please contact The Brisbane Japanese Language and Culture School