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Our online teachers are bilinguals of English and Japanese. They are also qualified and experienced native Japanese teachers who are passionate about helping students to improve their Japanese language skills and understanding of the culture. Our online teachers are based in Japan, so you can ask current trend and life in Japan to prepare for the day you visit or live in Japan!

TAKAKO sensei

Japanese Teacher

Cert. Japanese Language Teaching 

From : Hiroshima
Hobby: Cooking, Travelling Abroad,  Language (English & Italian)

I have been teaching Japanese since 2016. I enjoy seeing my students having fun learning Japanese, watching them improve our conversations each time using news skills.


Message for students
Learning a new language can be a long road, but I would like to help you improving your Japanese skills in a fun and enjoyable way, always!

MIE sensei

mie hall profile photo.JPEG

AD of Psychology and Human Relations

Cert. Japanese Language Teaching


Hobby: Ballet, Yoga, Singing, Music, Drawing, Movie, K-drama, Traveling, Japanese tea ceremony, Reading,

I became a certified teacher in 2022. Although my Japanese teaching experience is not very long, my various careers have involved providing many lectures on wine, antique jewelry, aromatherapy, health and beauty. I also have 6 years of experience teaching English.


Message for students
I would love to help you to learn Japanese and expand your curiosity for Japanese culture!

MIHARU sensei

Japanese Teacher

Bachelor of International Culture
Cert. Japanese Language Teaching

From : Shizuoka
Hobby: Cat, Erhu, Reading, Ringfit, Yoga, watching Netflix, Language (English and Chinese)

I have been teaching Japanese since 2019. I enjoy having conversation in Japanese with students and seeing them improving their Japanese skill.


Message for students
I have experience working in an office for a Japanese company. If you want to know, please ask me anything about Japan and Japanese companies. Let's enjoy learning Japanese together!

MIO sensei

Mio profile photo.jpg

Master in Japanese Language


Hobby: Pilates, Mountain climbing, Traveling

I’ve studied teaching Japanese in San Francisco, and taught Japanese in college and university there as a teaching assistant. After that, I’ve worked for Japanese companies and taught in language schools in Japan.


I love this job. All students that I’m in charge are very enthusiastic, so I can put my energy into lessons.

Message for students
The important thing for learning in my lesson is having fun. Talk a lot, make mistakes, and have fun with me! I’m waiting for you to see in my lesson.

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