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 Our school consists of groups of qualified native Japanese teachers who are passionate about helping students to improve their Japanese language skills and understanding of the culture.

We make sure to teach practical Japanese and provide plenty of opportunities to practice the language with native Japanese speakers!

Japanese Teacher

MIYUKI sensei

Bachelor of Education
Cert. Japanese Language Teaching
Int. Montessori Teaching Diploma

From : Yokohama
Hobby: Taiko drumming, Calligraphy, Ikebana Flower Arrangement, Ink Painting, Reading, Gardening
Love: Cat, Dog, Birds, Washoku

I began helping Japanese learners nearly 30 years ago. Since then I have been fascinated to learn about other culture and help people to become a bridge between two cultures learning Japanese language and culture.

Message for students
Thank you for your interest into Japanese language, culture and people. I believe the most important factor for learning is your passion and to be persistant. I am looking forward to speak with you in Japanese and wishing you to make lots of Japanese friends. Let's enjoy!


YOKO sensei

Bachelor of Mass Communication
Cert. Japanese Language Teaching

From : Saitama
Hobby: Taiko drumming, Traveling, Visiting cafes, Sado (tea ceremony)

I have lived on the Gold Coast for 20 years and moved to Brisbane in July 2021.

I got a qualification as a Japanese teacher when I lived on the Gold Coast, and after that, I worked as a Japanese teacher in Japan and interacted with various people.

I have been working as a Japanese teacher for over 10 years, but every day I discover new things. 

I would like to continue to enjoy teaching with the spirit of devotion every day(日々精進).


Message for students

It's fun to be able to talk a lot with people who like Japan and study Japanese together!

Let's enjoy lessons little by little without thinking hard.

Japanese Teacher

MIME sensei

Bachelor of Education

From : Tokyo
Hobby: Piano, flute, swimming, yoga, walking, taking photos, cooking and having great coffee. I am currently interested in decluttering (Danshari) and living conscientiously.

I've been teaching Japanese and English for over 15 years both in Australia and Japan. It is such a privilege to help enthusiastic people to learn, and I am often learning from them.


Message for students
I am so grateful that you are interested in my country. People have different leaning styles and learning speeds, so let's have interesting lessons and build confidence through your learning progress.

Japanese Teacher

HIRO sensei

Bachelor of Economics
Cert. Japanese Language Teaching 

From : Tokyo
Hobby: Sports and cooking

Before coming to Brisbane in 2020, I have been living in Singapore for 23 years. (I have been visiting Brisbane from Singapore every year. I love Brisbane.)

I have started teaching Japanese more than 10 years ago.

​I really enjoy sharing the knowledge and culture through Japanese study and conversation. I am really happy to meet and talk those who are studying Japanese vividly with bright-eyes.

I like all kinds of sports, such as tennis, golf, swimming and so forth. Recently, I am just watching a game, but I love American football, Rugby, and after coming to Brisbane, I became a fan of AFL.

I also like cooking, especially Italian cuisine. I cook pasta and pizza. I can cook pasta with tomato source, cream source, seafood source and olive oil source.  Mmm…Buon appetito!

Message to Students
Let's study Japanese in a fun, cheerful and energetic way.

'Walk together, talk together, all ye peoples of the earth. Then and only then shall we have peace.'

Japanese Courses


BJLC School Enrolment Officer

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
Diploma of International Business

From : Gifu
Hobby: Exercise and maintaining
healthy gut for healthy life making lots of fermented foods such as Nukazuke (Japanese fermented vegetables), sauerkraut, Natto (Japanese fermented soy beans), miso, yoghurt, kefir milk, Kombucha and sourdough bread. 

I have lived in Melbourne as an international student for 1.5 years and 12 years in Brisbane with my husband and twin boys. 

Message for students

 I want to say BIG THANK YOU for being interested in Japanese language and culture. I studied English as a second language and it has been a wonderful uplifting journey. I am very happy to help you begin your own journey with Japanese and I know you will achieve your goals with our support. 

​ ​

You all have your own goals and reasons for studying Japanese. Maybe you want to visit Japan, or live in Japan and be able to talk to people and experience our culture. Or maybe you need Japanese for work or other reasons. Take the first step and study with us. We are real Japanese people and we would love to support you to achieve your goal and dreams and hope you have lots of fun in the class. ​

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