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Japanese Language and Culture Course


Japanese Language Courses in Brisban

Come to learn Japanese language and culture from native Japanese speakers.

Japanese Cultural Workshop

Personalized semi-private cultural lesson to warm up for Japanese themed romantic date night.

Shodo - Jishin

Japanese Calligraphy

Okuman Brisbane

BJLC Eat Out at Japanese restaurant in Brisbane.

Okuman Brisbane

BJLC Eat out at Japanese retaurant in Brisbane


BJLC Eat out at Japanese restaurant in Brisbane


BJLC offers calligraphy experience in Brisbane.

Japanese Tea Ceremony in Brisbane

BJLC can organize Japanese cultural experience for a group of students.


JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) is available in Brisbane every July and December.

Sado: Tea Ceremony

Experiencing Japanese tea ceremony in Brisbane. BJLC organize tea ceremony experience to small to large number of students.

Japanese Language Courses

At BJLC you will be with like minded people.

Moga Izakaya & Sushi

BJLC hosts events to experience Japanese cuisine in Brisbane.

BJLC Teacher

BJLC teachers are a group of passionate people to introduce Japanese language and culture to the people of Brisbane.

Japanese Calligraphy

In your private or semi-private lesson, you can request to have more number of lessons on cultural experience such as calligraphy, tea ceremony, origami, business manner etc. along with Japanese language lesson.

Trial Lesson

BJLC courses are intended for long term study, so we offer one off lesson for you to try out our class.

BJLC Class

At BJLC you will have more opportunity to practice Japanese language with a native speaker.

Kimono Dressing in Brisbane

Would you like to try dressing in Kimono in Brisbane? We can accommodate the service.

Japanese Calligraphy in Brisbane

Each stroke has a design which makes the word beautiful and arrive.

Japanese for School Students

BJLC offers private tuition for school aged students at our Alderley classroom.

Japanese Calligraphy
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