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Q. When is the next available Absolute Beginner Course?
A. You can check on our enrolment form

Absolute Beginner Course consists of 6 introductory lessons.
Each lesson overlaps with some revisions, so you can join anytime during intro 1-3.
You can find course selections on our enrolment form.

Q. When is the course offered?
A. Our courses are ongoing throughout the year. The class is either one hour weekly lesson for private tuition, 1.5 hours or 2 hours weekly lessons for group tuition.  You can enrol, pause, come back to the course any time. You can find the date and time for each class on our enrolment form.

Q. Where is the course offered?
A. Face to face lessons are offered at our Alderley classroom.
    You also have a choice to attend online lessons.

Q. How long does the course go for?

A. Our courses are intended for lifelong learning journey.  Mastery of language takes time with the establishment of a good learning habit. Sometimes, you might need to go on to business trip or take holiday, so you will be able to pause, exit and come back to your learning journey at your convenience.

BJLC school does not follow the term system, in stead follow the students’ achievement. This means we will not try to go through the textbook in specific time flame. We will make sure each student build on their individual skill sometimes going back, sometimes go beyond to be able to communicate in Japanese effectively.


Each unit of study generally takes about 6-8hours. Following is for a guide purpose only based on taking 2 hours weekly lessons.


      White Belt [Introductory]: Absolute Beginner: 12 hours lessons - 6 weeks

      Yellow Belt [JLPT N5 level]: Lower Beginner: 25 units - 150-200 hours/ about 1.5 years

      Green Belt [JLPT N4 level]: Upper Beginner: 25 units - 150-200 hours/ about 1.5 years

      Green' Belt: Pre-Intermediate: 12 lessons - about 3 month

      Blue Belt [JLPT N3 level]: Lower Intermediate: 50 lessons - about a year
      Red Belt [JLPT N2 level] : Upper Intermediate: 50 lessons - about a year

      Black Belt [Aiming towards native level]: Advanced: Unlimited

You can find each course contents in Course Description page

Q. Are there an intensive study options?

A. Yes. Some students combine group lesson and private lessons to focus on the area that you need to improve in addition to regular structure of the course.

Q. Is the course accredited?

A. No. However, we will issue you with certificate of completion or proof of your study, so university and other language institutions can recognize as previous study.


Q. How much is the tuition?
A. You can choose to pay tuition every fortnightly for your weekly lessons or per 20 hours for your flexible time plans.  ↓You can check the details on our enrolment form.


Q. What if I have to be away for a few weeks or absent?
A. If you have be absent, you can choose to attend the lesson at similar level on another day or request online or recorded lesson. If you are going to be away for more than two weeks for holiday or exams etc. you may pause the lesson and come back.


Q. Is there any homework?

A. Yes. Like any other skills to gain, you must develop a good habit of learning.
BJLC School try not to give heavy load of homework as everyone typically has other life commitments as well.  However, it is effective for your learning when you allocate set time to study everyday even for 5 minutes on busy day including reviewing grammar notes, studying vocab and practice the conversational phrases etc. The students who successfully progress towards upper levels generally allocate 30 minutes to 1 hour daily study time. If you would like to have less/ extra work, you can also select private lesson.



Q. How many students in each class?

A.  All of BJLC classes are for private or semi-private lessons with 1 to 6 students in a class.

Q. Is there any test to move to next level?

A. There is no test. The course is structured with plenty of opportunity for repetition. Each lesson builds on the knowledge and skill you have gained. When the teacher notices that student is more suitable in the other class, the student will be suggested to cross over to more appropriate class.


Q. Is the material included?

A. Learning material is included for Absolute beginner level courses and kids class.

The students must source the required textbook for Beginner and Intermediate level courses.
Additional materials are included.

Q. Is there any class for young students?

Yes. BJLC School offers multi age Japanese language classes. 
★ Kids Class: 3.8 years old to Foundation
★ Lower Primary - 30 minutes private tuition
★ Upper Primary - 30 minutes private tuition

Q. Can I attend the lesson with my child?

Yes. If your child is under 3 yrs old, you can book for a semi-private lesson.

Q. Is my primary/ middle year child allowed to join adult course?

Young students' brain works differently from adult learners; therefore, we suggest them to take private tuition with individualized lesson.

Q. Do you have a class for high school students?
High school students are welcome to join our general class.

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