Q. When is the next available Absolute Beginner Course?

A. There is a course starting each month. You can find course selections on our enrollment form.

Q. When the course is offered? How much is the tuition?

A. Our courses are ongoing through out the year. You can enroll to the course any time.
You can find the date and time for each class on our enrollment form.

Q. Is there any homework?

A. BJLC does not give any homework unless requested by the students. 


Q. How long does the course go for?

A. Our courses are intended for life long learning journey.  Mastery of language takes time, so you will be able to pose, exit and come back to your learning journey any suitable timing of yours.

BJLC does not take term system but follow the students achievement. Which means we will not try to go through the textbook in specific time flame. We will make sure each student build on their skill. Each unit of study generally takes about 1.5 to 3 hours. Following is for a guide purpose only.


      White Belt: Absolute Beginner: 12 hours lessons - 6-8 weeks

      Yellow Belt: Lower Beginner: 25 units - about 10 month to a year

      Green Belt: Upper Beginner: 25 units - about 10 month to a year

      Blue Belt: Lower Intermediate: 50 lessons - about a year

      Red Belt: Upper Intermediate: 50 lessons - about a year

      Black Belt: Advanced: Personalized arrangement

You can find each course contents in Course Description page

Q. How many students in each class?

A.  All of BJLC classes are for private or semi-private lessons with 1 to 6 students in a class.

Q. Is there an intensive study options?

A. Yes. There are two options. One option is to enroll in two classes to maximize opportunity to learn and practice Japanese language. Another option is to combine group lesson and private lessons to focus on the area that you need to improve.

Q. Is there any test to move to next level?

A. There is no test. The course is structured with plenty of opportunity for repetition. Each lesson builds on the knowledge and skill you have gained. When the teacher notices that students is more suitable in the other class, the student will be suggested to cross over to the other the class.

Q. Is the material included?

A. Learning material is included for Absolute beginner level course.

The students must source the required textbook for Beginner Level and Lower Intermediate courses.
Additional materials are included.

Q. Is my primary/ middle year child allowed to join adult course?

Young students' brain works differently from adult learners; therefore, we suggest private tuition by qualified Japanese teachers for young students.

Q. Can I attend the lesson with my child?

Yes. If your child is under 4 yrs old.