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Art of Ikebana

Appreciation of the nature is core of Japanese spirit. At BJLC School, we display Ikenobo arrangement and Sogetsu style arrangement time to time to welcome the students at our Alderley classroom.

Many traditional culture of Japan has began and evolved from cultural exchange with the other countries. Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) is the rare traditional culture that has been existing in Japan since its biggening.

There are nearly 300 different school of Ikebana in Japan. In Brisbane, there are three major Ikebana groups: Ikenobo, Ohara and Sogetsu.

Ikebana by Miyuki Kruse
Ikenobo - Shoka

Ikebana by Miyuki Kruse
Sogetsu - Free Style

In short, you might find that Ikenobo is very traditional, Ohara enjoys western flowers, Sogetsu encourages freedom in expression.

If you would like to be inspired and have hands-on experience, it is available at 1:30pm, on August 26-27, at Sogetsu Ikebana Exhibition, 2023.

Have fun!

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