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Daiso was established in 1977. The founder, Hiroshi Yano, first started the business by selling goods on mobile carts and setting up temporary counters in front of supermarkets.

The name "Daiso" 大創 was chosen with the idea that although the business was small, the name must mean that it could create big opportunities. Of course, the process of starting up the business was not always smooth. Once, a customer made all the other customers left the store by saying "cheap price means poor quality". Despite his frustration, Hiroshi Yano decided to put profit aside and sell all his high-cost items for 100 yen. It therefore built up the reputation and took the business off the ground. And it has grown to over 5000 stores across the globe today.

In Australia, #Daiso offers a wide variety of products ranging from Food, Beauty, Stationery, Kitchen, Cleaning and many more categories with over 95% of the products only costing $2.80!

We would like to share some goodies we like from Daiso.

Origami Paper and Stationery

They offer a good range of origami paper and stationery to choose from. Kids would also love these sections in the store.

Makeup sponges and Hairbands and Hair Clips

Assorted makeup sponges, hairbands and hair clips can be picked up from Daiso.


Beautiful Japanese tablewares are available in Daiso. They will help set the mood for the dishes you prepare.

Cookware and Bakeware

You can find different useful cookware and bakeware from Daiso. Some of them come with small sizes are perfect for kids to cook and bake with you in the kitchen.

Storage Boxes

They supply storage boxes with different sizes and materials that you can use to declutter and tidy up your space.

Magic Sponge

Simply wet the sponge with water, it can erase the grime including tea stain and greasy plates fast and easily.

Japanese Snacks and Candies

Matcha KitKat is one of the most popular souvenirs in Japan. The wafer sticks are covered in chocolate flavoured with green tea. The layers are crisp and flaky. The fruit candies are also favoured by Japanese people and people around the world. You can now taste them without flying to Japan.

Japanese Sauces

The Kewpie roasted sesame salad dressing is not just salad dressing. It can only be used as chicken marinade.

Daiso Australia

The Brisbane Japanese Language and Culture School

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