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Learn Simple Japanese Words: FREE Learning Materials & Self Learning Activity Ideas

Listening skill is important for communication skill. I have been creating some audio cards that can be used for different purposes for all levels.

Here are some activity ideas for each level. You can pick one of the activities and use audio cards at the end of this blog to exercise. Have fun learning Japanese ♡

Level 1: Listen and repeat 1. Hear each word and repeat straight after

Level 2: Listening and Write in romaji

1. Listen to the audio and write down the words

2. You can listen as many times necessary

3. Look at the card and check if it is correct

Level 3: Speak a positive sentence 1. Pick a noun and add '--- ga sukidesu.' which means 'I like ---.'

Level 4: Speak a negative sentence 1. Pick a noun and add '--- ga suki jyanaidesu.' which means 'I dislike ---.'

Level 5: Listen and Write in Hiragana

Level 6: Write a positive sentences in hiragana *refer to Level 3 example

Level 7: Write a negative sentences in hiragana * refer to Level 4 example

Level 8: Find out the common parts of each Kanji in the same category

Level 9: Learn and practice Kanji for each item

Level 10: Find a native speaker of Japanese and discuss about the topic

Sushi 1

Sushi 2


To practice listening and speaking with others, please come and join us!

If you have any question, please ask us anything!!

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