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Maturi Brisbane, Sat. 2nd Sep. 2023

The Brisbane's biggest Japanese event, Matsuri Brisbane is coming up in 2 weeks. There will be variety of street food, stalls and traditional and pop culture activities and entertainment to enjoy. There are variety of activities for all ages through out the day. BJLC School is hosting Bon Dance at the end of the festival 4:30-4:50pm. Please meet us at the cricket field of White Hill State College at 4:30pm. This year's venue is different from the previous years, so please check the address of the new venue before the event.

Matsuri Brisbane 2023 Sat 2 Sep

11:00am to 5:00pm Bon Dance: 4:30-4:50pm at cricket field of White Hill State College Free Admission

@ Whites Hill State College, 138 Burn Street Camp Hill QLD 4152 Australia *Please note that the location has changed from previous years.

Matsuri Brisbane 2023 Program

BON DANCE 'Wa' is the most important spirit of Japanese culture. Wa can mean circle, harmony, peace, sum and something Japanese. With bon dance, you will form wa, moving unti clockwise and dance in a circle with a set of very simple patterned movement. You can join on the day, but you can also pre-practice the following dance movement for Matsuri Brisbane 2023 Bon Dance.

3. Koisuru Fortune Cookie: We hope you enjoy the day.

Absolute Beginner Japanese Language Course Starting Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec. 2023

Join like minded students at The Brisbane Japanese Language and Culture School Enrol from here...

Book for Personalized Japanese Cultural Incursions Available topics for 2023: Flower Arrangement, Taiko, Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy

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