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Shunsai is located in Woolloongabba and is a popular restaurant for many local Japanese and those who love traditional Japanese food.

They offer a washoku (和食) menu using seasonal ingredients with an emphasis on bringing out the natural flavours of each ingredient. Did you know #Washoku, traditional Japanese cuisine, is registered in the #UNESCO's intangible Cultural Heritage.

The first character, wa (和), which means Japan or Japanese, also represents harmony, and the second character shoku (食) means food or to eat. As the name implies, washoku harmoniously blends the seasonal ingredients for a nutritious and beautifully presented meal.

They change their menu every month and the ingredients are very fresh. The owner also the chef, Shun, says that all their fish is air-shipped from Japan.

The dinner course is #Kaiseki style which is a seasonal course meal which incorporates, a plate of appetizer, sushi, sashimi, wagyu, tempura and other individual dishes. These course meal

starting from 80/pp to 160/pp. The most popular Shun course is a 10-course meal from entre to dessert. Sitting at the sushi bar watching the chef preparing each dish with care, it feels like you are bringing back to Japan.

Below are some images for the Shun course.

For lunch, there are Kaiseki Set, Pork katsu set, Chirashi Set, Sashimi Set, Shunsai Wagyu Bento and Sashimi Set that you can choose from.

Below images are Shunsai Wagyu Bento.

There are not many seats at Shunsai, booking in advance is recommended.


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