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The Sushi Factory

We were thrilled to find out that The Fish Factory, Brisbane's iconic fish market, has recently opened The Sushi Factory.

Just like their iconic seafoods, their sushi and sashimi are also with top quality. You can practically taste the sea in every bite.

Not only it is set up for a quick drop by and takeaway sushi and sashimi, for those who want to sit back and take time to enjoy the meal, it also has a comfortable outdoor dinning area.

Sushi rolls - Aburi Salmon, Tuna Salad Avocado, Spicy Tuna and Tuna Avocado.

Sashimi - Tuna, Salmon, Kingfish and Mixed.

Moreton Bay Bug signature sushi roll - a delicious combination of Moreton bay bug, asparagus, sweet potato, avocado and caviar.

Chirashi (Sashimi Bowl) - a bowl full of treasure from the ocean that includes tuna, kingfish, salmon, scallops, prawn and assorted seaweed.

The Sushi Factory is located inside The Fish Factory offering fresh sushi and sashimi Thursday to Sunday, 10am - 4pm.

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