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The Ways to Live, Work and Enjoy with Locals in Japan

JET (The Japan Exchange and Teaching) Programme is one of the opportunities for you to live, work and interact with local people of Japan. You will be employed by one of local governments of Japan.

There are three types of positions. The most popular one is ATL (Assistant Language Teacher), the second one is CIR (Coordinator for International Relations), and the third one is SEA (Supports Exchanging Advisors).

We are proud to see our passionate and dedicated students get this opportunity time to time. The ones who are already back say that they had great experience and they highly recommend to participate this program.

If you are interested in, the application for 2022 is open now and closing in 12th Nov. 2021. Let’s make your dreams come true!

About JET Program

Application for 2022

To study and prepare to enrich your experience in Japan

Our students who have joined JET program usually study up to our pre-intermediate level, so they can communicate with local people and comfortably begin the life in Japan. Please let your friends know as well by sharing this post.

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