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Wabi Sabi in language study

Especially for adults, when we learn new things, we are afraid to make mistakes in front of others. In Japanese concept, there is a term called “Wabi Sabi”. In short, it means that beauty is in imperfection. Things that comes with assembled lines are perfect; but for example, lines in nature or made by hand which are in slight variation like the glaze on a Japanese ceramic bowl with imperfection gives the natural beauty.

In language learning, it is the same, the expression that you present will have its beauty even though it is imperfect. More important than talking perfectly, trying to speak Japanese language gives warms to Japanese people, because they know it is not an easy task for them to speak in English either. They will greatly appreciate your effort of producing unfamiliar language. Japanese people will find beauty in it.

All of BJLC teachers, assistants and enrolment officers are bilinguals who have been through the same path that you are taking, so it is the safe place to make lots of mistakes, learn from each other and together become better versions of ourselves.

The fact is that the most fluent person is the person who made the most numbers of mistakes.

Isshoni ganbarimasyou! (Let’s keep trying together!)

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