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It's great to see Japan slowly opening up which makes my heart flutter. Soon we will be able to go back and see our family and friends or just say hello to Mt Fuji. For now the lucky ones are business travelers and students.

I really miss the little things in Japan, visiting local places, enjoying home cooking, grabbing appetizer and desserts for casual drink at convenience stores, pre cooked meals from the supermarket, getting around on the trains and eating anytime and anything we like. These adventures are waiting and hopefully will happen for us all soon.

One of the adventures I'm looking forward to is revisiting Kyoto. There are so many beautiful temples there. On top of my list is the ancient Kiyomizu-dera. This temple was founded in 778 and its present buildings were constructed in 1633. Most surprisingly not one nail is used in the entire structure. I will be lining up to drink from Otowa waterfall.

Another must see is the Kinkakuji, Golden Pavilion, the original building dates back to 1387. The current structure was rebuilt after a fire in 1956. Taking a walk through the streets of Gion at night and dreaming of a time long gone where Geisha wondered from one host to another. What else would you do in Kyoto, would you go to Nijō Castle?

From Kyoto, there are so many places to explore, I have been to Himeji Castle, a national treasure. This Castle dates back to 1333, was remodeled in 1581 and then completely rebuilt in 1609. It was closed for several years and reopened in 2015. It is a must see in Japan, just remember to duck your head. I remember a very polite Japanese man advised my husband to duck his head and then he hit his own head on the low beam.

How about a visit to Osaka for its legendary street food, okonomiyaki or takoyaki or even kushikatsu. I have been to an okonomiyaki restaurant where you sit at the tenpanyaki table and make your own or they will do it for you. We made our own which was much more fun.

Well writing this blog has brought back some wonderful memories and also reminds me of things I will be doing when I too can return to Japan for my next holidays.


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