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What Our Students Say

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

"Teachers are fantastic and the other students are great to study with." - Ben

I am very much enjoying my Japanese language lessons! I am finding it interesting with a great teacher ” -Stephanie

My teacher is wonderful! She's very friendly and explains things very well in class.” - Amanda

“I like the casual nature of learning on a weekend in small groups” - Dean

“Sensei is always well prepared and happy to help" - Kelly

“I made new friends at BJLC. The teacher is supportive and willing to cater to students’ needs.“ - Matthew

“I am enjoying the class very much. The teacher is so patient with us and it is nice to have someone to practice Japanese with.” - Michelle

"The best things I have experienced with the BJLC class is meeting new people and learning Japanese" - Melissa

“Excellent way to learn Japanese, great teachers and good support from fellow students.” - Mike Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon.

“This is a great school for students and people who are interested in Japanese culture.”  - Wes

"I would recommend studying Japanese with BJLC to anyone who wants to learn or practice Japanese" - Natalie

"I am in Japan now. Thank you for helping me to have smooth transition for life in Japan." - Tim

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