Benefit of Learning Japanese 

It is not only for the convenience and fun for your trip to Japan, but also for your brain function and total wellbeing.

Course Summary

This 6 weeks Japanese conversation course is designed for learners who want to study survival Japanese skill to use for travelling. You will learn basic conversational skills to be comfortable in Japanese speaking environments such as:

  • Ordering meals at a restaurant

  • Shopping at a Department Store

  • Asking directions from locals

  • Navigating public transportation

  • Checking in at a hotel

Important Information​

Award:Certificate of completion

Course Length:6 weeks

Method: Listening and Speaking only



Commitment:2 hours a week

Access Requirements:Internet connection & access to Zoom

How to Enrol
This course is provided exclusive to
By clicking the following link, it will take you to external website. If you would like to learn overall Japanese language skill including speaking and listening, please choose our regular courses.↓
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Absolute Beginner Japanese for Travellers