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Bird's Nest Restaurant

Are you a big fan of BBQ and beer? If the answer is yes, the Yakitori (Japanese grilled skewers) at Bird's Nest Restaurant will not let you down.

Yakitori are usually made from a few bite-sized pieces of meats/vegetables/offals and skewered on bamboo sticks. Traditionally, they are grilled over white charcoal at a very high temperature. Most importantly, they are the perfect match with beer, wine, sake or tea!

Emi and Marie are the co-owners of the Bird's Nest Restaurant. They both travelled to Japan to study the art of yakitori and brought with them the knowledge of age-old cooking methods and hands on experience back to Brisbane.

Simply follow the set menu and you will get to taste all their highlight dishes.

Alternatively, try their signature chicken skewers that come with different seasoning and are grilled to be all juicy and tender.

Their chicken meatballs, wagyu skewers and shiitake mushrooms are also delicious and worth trying.

Japanese chicken liver pate served with sesame crackers is also a divine combination.

Even though there is only a small selection of desserts, their Shiro-goma (white sesame) Panna Cotta, Hojicha Ice-cream and Yuzu sorbet will be the perfect finish for the dinner.

Are you ready for a real Japanese yakitori experience?

Bird's Nest Restaurant:

Photos by Abby Kuo

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