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BJLC School Japanese Cultural Exploration Program at Brisbane City Botanic Gardens

On 21st of May, we welcomed a group of 25 students from Bracken Ridge State High School to experience our Japanese Cultural Exploration Program at Brisbane City Botanic Gardens.

All of the students had hands on experience with three workshops tailored based on their interests and Japanese conversation with our Japanese teachers.

Ikebana Workshop

Ikebana is the exquisite art of Japanese flower arrangement. The students learnt table top flower arrangement to take home bringing out the inner qualities of flowers and other live materials to express the interpretation of the nature. Each student made a beautiful Ikebana from the flowers they chose and were happy with their own result.

Sado Workshop

The students learnt how to prepare, serve and drink green tea to the guests in a ceremonial way. As beyond just serving and receiving tea, one of the main purpose of the tea ceremony is for the guests to enjoy the hospitality of the host in an atmosphere distinct from the fast pace of everyday life.

Taiko Workshop

A brief history of Taiko and how taiko has evolved was introduced to the students before they graded their Bachi (drum sticks) and learn how to perform taiko. The sound of taiko was quite uplifting. It indeed was a joy to listen to and watch the students' performance as their performance drew the enthusiastic attention and applause from the people around the garden.

Japanese Conversation

The students were divided into smaller groups and sat on picnic mats in the breezy sunny day having Japanese conversation with the Japanese teachers. The students' questions were all answered and some groups also played Japanese games that they found it was interesting. The happy faces we saw and the belly laughs we heard from the students truly made the day.

'BJLC School Japanese Cultural Exploration Program' will bring Japan closer to you!

BJLC School delivers high quality Japanese cultural exploration program where students are given the opportunity to have hands on experience in different cultural topics interacting with Japanese people and learning from masters or highly skilled presenter of each Japanese culture.

Our program is aligned with the current Australian National Curriculum, delivering lessons across a broad range of topics including language and culture in action, stimulating creative thinking, self-awareness, self-regulation, resilience, value system, physical wellbeing, respecting people and nature etc.

Through carefully combined topics, students experience and learn the value and way of Japanese people and culture, how people in different culture view the world and society, and how to regulate themselves to harmonize within themselves, with society and in the environment.

Our incursion program is available in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast for Single topic or multiple topics for

- Half Day (3 sessions) or

- Full Day (6 sessions)

Our current available topics are as following, but not limited to. - Japanese conversation with native speakers - Origami - Calligraphy - Tea Ceremony - Aikido: Japanese martial arts - Taiko: Japanese drumming - Yosakoi Dancing with Japanese drumming performance - Ikebana: for beginners/ traditional style - Yukata Dressing

- Kimono Dressing - Koto Performance


You can inquire us about this program from here.

You can check some of our available cultural topics here.

If you can not find what you are looking for, please request us to find it for you.

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