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Brisbane's Best Ramen Noodle - Taro's Ramen

The owner, Taro Akimoto, set on a mission to make best ramen in Brisbane 10 years ago.

Lots of people would agree Taro Akimoto's mission has accomplished as Taro's Ramen is often regarded as the #1 ramen in Brisbane. But can you believe Mr. Akimoto didn't start as a trained chef?

Using only the finest locally sourced ingredients; such as, Bangalow Sweetpork, organic free range eggs and Australian durum wheat, Taro's ramen is made in-house from scratch without adding any MSG, preservatives or colouring. The noodle itself present freshness, the soup stock taste clean and deep in flavour and satisfies the fine palette.

The classic range of Taro’s Tonkotsu Ramen is their must-try signature dish. Tsukemen (cold ramen accompanied by a bowl of intensely flavourful hot soup) is perfect for hot weather. They also offer a variety of vegan and gluten options to meet customers' needs. Such as cold Tomato ramen.

Their pre-produced home packs truly make it easy for you to recreate their signature in-store taste at home.

Photo by Abby Kuo, BJLC School & @tarosramen

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