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Izakaya Kotobuki

Located in George St Brisbane CBD, Izakaya Kotobuki is the sister restaurant of Sushi Kotobuki in East Brisbane.

Their donburi (rice bowl), noodle dishes and bento boxes are amongst the most popular options for lunch session. Customers often rate their prompt service, friendly staff and delicious food highly. They indeed have become lots of people's go-to restaurant for a convenient yet decent lunch.

At night, the restaurant transforms into a real Izakaya (Japanese bar). The atmosphere and ambience makes you feel like being taken all the way to the local Shinjuku in Japan.

A few plates of tapas, sushi and yakitori with some imported beer or sake are certainly the perfect way to enjoy the night after a long day's work.

Izakaya Kotobuki was nominated by our students as one of their favourite Japanese restaurant in Brisbane for its atmosphere and reasonably priced Japanese food.

The Brisbane Japanese Language and Culture School

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