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Yuzu & Co

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Park Road in Milton is well known for a flurry of restaurants. Yuzu & Co has certainly added a great selection to the foodies' pocket list.

It’s a great idea to share dishes at Yuzu & Co as you will get to try more than just one dish!

Serving a wide selection of Japanese sake, beer and cider, wine and cocktails, Yuzu & Co is great place to take time enjoying the conversation with great company.

Kingfish Jalapeno - thinly sliced kingfish with jalapeno, coriander and yuzu soy.

Wagyu Truffle - thinly sliced MS7 wagyu with truffle salsa, tobiko, chive, sesame, white soy and yuzu oil.

Popcorn Shrimp - bite size tempura prawns tossed in a creamy spicy mayo.

Barramundi Teriyaki - crispy skin cone bay barramundi with onion, mushroom, buckwheat and teriyaki sauce.

Nasu Dengaku - miso glazed grilled eggplant and sesame.

Prawn Gyoza - pan seared dumpling with shallot, tuna flakes, nori and wari ponzu.

The Brisbane Japanese Language and Culture School

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